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NX 8.5 Synchronous Modeling

Have you ever tried to modify CAD geometry imported from some other system? Until the advent of Synchronous Modeling, the options available were very limited. With Synchronous Modeling you can move faces, delete faces, offset areas, re-blend faces, and make substantial modifications to an existing solid body. The Synchronous Modeling features available in NX can be used to apply parametric constraints to unparameterized models. In this course you will practice applying Synchronous Modeling features to modify existing solid models. Once you have completed the course, you should have a good understanding of how and when to apply Synchronous Modeling to your CAD data.

NX Essentials for Users.

Intended Audience:
All Users of NX.

Course Duration:
6 hrs.

Skill Level:
NX 8.5 Synchronous Modeling

Table of Contents