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Course Overview

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NX 10 Design Thinking Using Realize Shape

The challenge for this Workshop will be to change the aesthetics of a Respirator Mask. Due to this being a 3D CAD workshop it will concentrate on building a concept model part in NX. Because the respirator mask is a fairly straight forward functioning design, we will concentrate on changing some minor appearances to the main body of the mask and will create the mask from scratch using similar measurements from an existing commercial mask. Remember this is a workshop and anything extra you do just helps you learn more about using NX and becoming a better designer. In the following Videos the Design Thinking process will be discussed but not all parts of the process will be required in creating the mask with in this workshop. All the information needed to create the mask will be provided in this workshop.

NX 10 Essentials : Getting Started, Basic Modeling, Sketching, Working with Parts, NX 9 Realize Shape

Intended Audience:
Industrial Designers, Design and Manufacturing Engineers who need to understand how to create concept model.

Course Duration:
8 hrs.

Skill Level:

Table of Contents