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NX 12 Kinematic Motion Simulation

Jump onto to the fast track and get the most from this CAE tool designed to develop and evaluate mechanical systems. Need a dynamic and kinematic analysis of your complex assemblies? Get moving in Motion. In just three days you`ll find yourself fluent in Motion`s language, its symbols (Translational Spring, Fixed Translational Spring, Torsional Spring, Translational Damper, Fixed Translational Damper, Rotational Damper, Force, Torque, Vector Force, Vector Torque, 2D Contact) and terminology (Links, Markers, Joints, Couplers, Constraints, Force Objects, Driver Joints, Step Size, Degree of Freedom). Don`t waste time trying to figure out what we can show you in minutes. Gain the insight necessary to navigate between the motion methods: articulation, animation and spreadsheet. Understand how to develop and control a mechanism model using commands from Link and Joint, Model Preparation, Force Object, Motion Objects, New Solution, Motion Preferences, Solver, Motion Joint Wizard, List Motion Connections, Link Objects, Mass Properties, Inertia, Initial Translation Velocity, Initial Rotation Velocity, and XY Function Manager. Stuck in a jam? Learn how to edit motion objects, fix the link, free the link, delete / rename motion objects and utilize the title export. Comprehend the various functions that aid in motion analysis (Animation, graphing, populate spreadsheet, load transfer, Statics Dynamics Environment). This course provides the information and interactive learning simulations to enable you to master mechanism creation in scenarios and effectively simulate motion.

At least 100 hours of NX Modeling and Assembly experience.

Intended Audience:
Individuals familiar with solid modeling in NX who need the ability to simulate movement and study its consequences.

Course Duration:
30 hrs.

Skill Level:

Table of Contents