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NX 12 CAM: Advanced Manufacturing

The NX 12 Advanced Manufacturing course focuses on practical and advanced manufacturing topics. The Manufacturing Assemblies unit covers some of the advantages of using assemblies. The Z-Level unit covers the creation of surface regions and creation of Z-Level operations. The Surface countering unit covers fixed and variable contouring with a section on defining tool axis. This unit covers the various drive methods in detail. Template creation and application are covered in the template unit. Finally the Sequential Mill unit covers all the aspects of using Sequential Milling to create 5-Axis contouring operations. Completion of this course will help you add depth and versatility to your CAM process.

NX 12 Essentials for New Users is recommended and NX 12 Basic Manufacturing.

Intended Audience:
Experienced NX users that have completed the Basic Manufacturing course or have been using NX and want to improve their manufacturing skills.

Course Duration:
16 hrs.

Skill Level:
Average Rating:

Table of Contents