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NX 12 Turning-Lathe

This course is intended to teach you about turning and lathe in NX 9.0. You will examine all aspects of turning, from creating a basic roughing operation to defining auxiliary operations. This course takes you through each phase of the turning process, from defining tools to creating operations and using templates. Key topics include: machining environment, operation creation, operation navigator, tool path visualization, operation status symbols, tool path submenu, drilling tool, turning tool, grooving tool, threading tool, tool library, lathe, lathe cross section, MCS-spindle, part boundary, blank geometry, avoidance control, containment, feed rates, cut regions, roughing parameters, cut patterns, rough facing, rough OD, rough ID, finish cut, finish turn, groove, drilling, threading, lathe control, templates, and teach mode. We should point out that this course does not teach the user how to be a programmer it teaches how to program using the NX software.

The NX 9.0 New User Express and NX 9.0 Assembly courses (or equivalent experience).

Intended Audience:
Manufacturing Engineers and NC Programmers who need to use NX for the generation of turned parts.

Course Duration:
24 hrs.

Skill Level:
Average Rating:

Table of Contents