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Course Overview

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NX 1847 Series - Essentials for New Users

The NX Essentials class is a great starting point for designers, engineers, and programmers with no NX training or experience. This course teaches you how to efficiently create, edit, assemble, and detail feature-based solid designs using parametric modeling practices and associative assembly and drafting techniques. New User Express teaches how to effectively use the basic tools necessary to create feature-based solid designs. With the aid of pre-established part files from a variety of industries, you quickly gain the confidence to further explore many options within the NX menus to achieve your required design intent. Once you are comfortable creating and editing solid models, you learn the basics of assemblies. You also learn to detail your designs using the Drafting application. The NX Essentials I (New User) training course is built and used by our instructors teaching in the classroom, a value of 40-hours worth of training.


Intended Audience:
Designers, Design Engineers, and Manufacturing Engineers (both new and current NX users) who need to understand how to create solids, assemblies and drawings using basic NX functions.

Course Duration:
40 hrs.

Skill Level:
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Table of Contents