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Course Overview

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CATIA V5 R17 GAS/GPS Generative Structural Analysis

This course is intended to teach users how to do structural analysis in R17. Students will also learn how to create various scenarios with different loads and restraints. Key topics include: GPS, GAS, structural analysis, simple restraint, simple load, simple mesh, results, refining the mesh, FEA, numerical approximation, formulation of problems, matrix formulation, convergence, singularity, 1D mesh, 2D mesh, 3D mesh, clamps, sliders, joins, isostatic restraint, loads, applied mass, static case, image types, virtual parts, sensors, assembly analysis, bolt tightening, weldment analysis, manage representations, and point analysis.

Must have a familiarity with basic FEA principles/assumptions and proficiency in CATIA Part Design and surface design. Basic knowledge in CATIA assemblies is necessary. CATIA GPS and GAS licenses.

Intended Audience:
Designers and engineers who use CATIA V5 to design models and need to perform structural analysis.

Course Duration:
Not Available

Skill Level:

Table of Contents