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Course Overview

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AutoCAD 2009 Dynamic Blocks Quick Start

In this course you will learn how to use, create, and modify Dynamic Blocks using the Block Editor Toolbar (save block definition, save block as, name, parameters, actions, define attributes, update parameters and action text size, visibility mode, make visible, make invisible, mange visibility states, visibility states). Dynamic Blocks may be changed by stretching (assembly length, stretch, parameter distance values) or by stretching / flipping. (grips, dynamic symbols, blue arrow, dynamic block handle, dynamic control). The Block Editor offers several tools (Edit Block Definition, Block Editor, Block authoring palette, parameter properties labels,(distance label, distance description, parameter name, length) value set (dist type, dist value list, list)) making it easy to design exactly what you need. Discover the Block Authoring Palette with three tabs for versatile styling; parameters, (point parameter, linear parameter, polar XY parameter, rotation parameter, alignment parameter, flip parameter, visibility parameter base point parameter), actions (move action, scale action, stretch action, polar stretch action, rotate action, flip action, array action, lookup action) and parameter sets (point move, linear move, linear stretch, linear array, linear move pair, linear stretch pair, polar move, polar stretch).

Basic knowledge of AutoCAD and Blocks within AutoCAD.

Intended Audience:
AutoCAD Users

Course Duration:
2 hrs.

Skill Level:
AutoCAD 2009 Dynamic Blocks - Assessment

Table of Contents