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Teamcenter 8 NX CAD Integration

This course covers the Siemens NX cad client integration with the Teamcenter rich client.  This course is intended to be used in conjunction with the Rich Client for Users course. <br /><br /> This course is designed for new users and users transitioning from previous versions of Teamcenter, and offers the skills necessary to be part of the product data management (PDM) process. This course provides an understanding of how to navigate around the workspace. File structure in NX within the context of Teamcenter will be developed. Additional Teamcenter Integration options are also discussed. Key topics include: Teamcenter Integration, search, where used, bookmarks, import export, templates, UGMASTER, UGPart, UGALTREP and assemblies.

Teamcenter 8 Rich Client for Users Course or equivalent.

Intended Audience:
Anyone who uses NX within the context of Teamcenter.

Course Duration:
8 hrs.

Skill Level:
NX integration with Teamcenter 8 Assessment
Average Rating:

Table of Contents