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Course Overview

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Teamcenter 8 Visualization Professional

The Teamcenter 8 Visualization Professional for Users course offers training for users of the Visualization Pro license and configuration. In this course, users will be guided through a Teamcenter overview which includes working with the user interface and supporting files. Next users will be taught how to navigate through parts in Teamcenter Visualization Pro and control visibility. Then users will learn 3D selection advanced and measurement advanced topics and 2D measurement, markup and navigation, and printing and watermarking. There is also discussion on cutting sections, and creating exploded views to help with markups and picture taking. Finally users will learn how to work with snapshots and session files. The course includes detailed lessons and procedures, along with examples and practice projects.


Intended Audience:
Users wanting to learn about Teamcenter Visualization Professional.

Course Duration:
8 hrs.

Skill Level:
Teamcenter 8 Visualization Pro Assessment

Table of Contents